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10 Reasons to Try Out Your Local Baby & Toddler Group

 Written by Mums' Network member Julia Fitzpatrick (from Andover - mother to a 20 month old daughter)

  1. Meet other mums in your local area
  2. Admission is very cheap (if not free)
  3. Refreshments are included in the admission price
  4. Children get to play with a variety of toys
  5. Children get to meet other children of a similar age and learn to play with them
  6. It's great preparation for pre-school and/or nursery
  7. You are not committed to go every week. You just pay on the door for the sessions you attend.
  8. You are supporting a local cause (e.g. a church hall, town hall etc)
  9. They hold an Christmas party (with presents) and mark key events during the year such as Easter, Mother's Day etc.
  10. It gets you and your child/ren out of the house

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