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Pregnancy and Baby Product Reviews

No More Sleepless Nights with B-Sensible….

B-Sensible offer hypo-allergenic, breathable, waterproof sheets and pillowcases so that your toddler can sleep in undisturbed natural comfort throughout the night, cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making B-Sensible every parent’s best friend. The 2in1 fitted sheet and protector combine into one soft waterproof breathable product which acts like a “second skin” thanks to the innovative eco-friendly fibre Tencel. The bedding is waterproof, breathable, have optimum moisture management, hypo-allergenic, thermo regulating and eco-friendly. If your child has sensitive skin, the hypo-allergenic range of products will prevent skin irritation, so are suitable for eczema, asthma and rhinitis sufferers.

Jane's Review: The sheet and pillowcases came beautifully packaged and in a separate shoulder bag which you can use for days out. The bedding has so many advantages over a normal sheet. It fits the bed perfectly and it is so natural, it's like a second skin. I used this in the summer when it was hot and it was so cool compared to other sheets. I believe its very warm in the winter too. It's very fast drying too which will be handy in the colder weather. The sheet is also waterproof and acts as a mattress protector. I would recommend this bedding as it has many advantages over cotton sheets and pillowcases.

Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser

The Milton Mini Soother Steriliser sterilises dummies on the go in ONLY 15 minutes! Now you can clean and sterilise soothers quickly and easily when you're out and about. This 100% watertight soother steriliser is simple and quick to use. Before leaving home, simply fill the Milton Mini with cold water and add one Milton Mini Sterilising Tablet. The unique sponges inside the Mini absorb the solution to avoid spills as well as helping remove dirt from the teat. Add the soother, replace the watertight lid and after only 15 minutes the soother is sterilised and ready to use straight away with no need to rinse. You can reuse the same solution throughout the day and the adjustable strap means you can attach the Mini to your buggy or change bag so you can make sure you always have a sterilised soother to hand.

Tamsin's Review of the Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser: The Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser is something that I wanted to buy but felt it would be one of those products that look really good and useful but you would never use. However, I have been using this product for the past month now and I don't know how I coped without it before! My daughter has a habit of spitting and throwing her dummy out when we are out so I usually cram the changing bag full of spare dummies just in case, and there have been times where I've had to suck them clean, which I don't like to do. With the Milton steriliser I am only taking out 2 dummies - 1 in her mouth and 1 in the steriliser. It only takes 15 minutes to sterilise and you can use the solution over and over for 24 hours. It's simple to set up (fill with cold water and 1 tablet) and doesn't spill as there are sponges inside. I really love this product and have found it incredibly useful.


Easy Weaning DVD and recipe booklet from The Baby Chef reviewed by Katie and baby James

Just when you get to grips with bottle feeding your baby along comes the huge hurdle of weaning. I have to say that this DVD helped no end.  Founder and dad-of-two Matt Hazell has used his love of simple, healthy food and his experience as a chef to create The Baby Chef’s informative, easy-to-follow DVD Easy Weaning. I found the ideas, recipes and advice really very helpfull, a great source of info for the things that you ought to know but don't!  

You can find out more about The Baby Chef, Matt and Lucy at www.thebabychef.co.uk.


Munchkin, Baby Products with a difference - reviewed by Amy, Darren and baby Oli

Munchkin an award-winning and international baby brand, is launching its innovative and exciting baby and toddler products in to the UK this Summer. We were delighted to try the colourful and clever range which includes a selection of bathing, feeding and hygiene items that are all BPA free. The aim of the Munchkin range is to excite and delight children whilst making parenting safer, easier and more enjoyable. TWe loved the fresh food feeder, which takes the choking risk out of feeding your little one fresh fruit and veg. The range starts from £1.99 and will be available to buy in Wilkinson and Asda stores across the country. For more details on the range log on to: www.munchkin.co.uk

Aubrey Organics - Natural Baby & Kids Bath Soap reviewed by Jo from Kent

"This is a lovely soft smelling bath soap, my son has eczema but this gentle soap left his skin moist and without irritation. I only wish the dispenser was bigger as I ran out pretty fast.  This will definitely join my list of favourites"  

Visit www.aubreyorganicsuk.co.uk for more information


Fisherprice Food Warmer £14 avaliable from JoJoMamanBebe reviewed by Nicola from Kettering

"I love this product it is great for long car journeys, picnics and when your out and about.  The flask is compact and easily fits into my changing bag.  I was impressed that all tools fit in the flask itself (apart from the warming bowl) to minimize storage. It  didn't leak, the water used to warm the food,  stayed hot consistently on each outing. I would not hesitate in recommending, this product "it does what it says on the tin" and my daughter had a warm meal when she needed it most!"  

Visit www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk for more information

Morrck Baby Hoodie reviewed by Carrie from Essex

"The Morrck Baby Hoodie is a hooded travel wrap designed to fit on a standard pushchair or group 0, 0+ or 1 car seat.  It is reversible and made of layers of fleece and cotton jersey.  It comes in 3 sizes suitable for 0-6 months, 5-18 months and 18 months - 4 years.  It comes in 4 weights of fabric plus an organic option.

This is a lovely quality item, very soft and a nice colour, suitable for a boy or girl (I received charcoal and lime).  It fitted my Jane Slalom Pro pushchair easily and with the Velcro fastenings for around the harness points it would fit securely on most pushchairs I would have thought, without slipping and falling on the floor like a blanket could.
Once on the pushchair it is comfortable for the child to sit on and, unlike a foot muff, allows them to easily get in and out of the pushchair just by unwrapping the cover, with the added bonus of covering not only the legs but also the body and head if required.  It is a generous size giving plenty of space for movement and no restriction for the child when wrapped around them.
I am not sure this is something I would use in a car seat for a child of this age (the size 3 I received is suitable for 18 months to 4 years) but I can see how this would be very useful for a younger child, especially in a first car seat where they may fall asleep and you need to keep them warm between the car and home without disturbing them by taking off coats or putting on layers.  It also allows the harness to still be used safely without the cover getting in the way and affecting the performance of the car seat.

Overall, I would say this is a good product if you are out and about lots and want the convenience of being able to keep your child covered without blankets trailing on the floor or falling off in the car.  Also it would be very useful for cooler summer evenings in the ‘All Season’ weight that I received." See www.morrck.com for more details.

Bras4Mums reviewed by Rachel from Wales

"I was lucky enough to review this website whilst pregnant with my 4th and was looking for a nursing bra to help me with breastfeeding my newborn. The website itself looks very friendly and professional, giving you an impression that they care about you and have your best interests at heart and they give you a telephone number and offer a lot of help when you call to discuss your requirements with professional fitters available by phone or email to help you find the best bra for you! Just by searching their website you can find a lot of information on how to chose the correct size bra to wear when pregnant or nursing and they even have a personalised bra fitting service where you fill in a few details, stating your bra size before pregnancy and how far along in your pregnancy you are and within minutes you get an email with tailor made information for you and a suggestion about what size bra to wear.


There is a large selection of bras on their site and they even have matching underwear, clothes, swimwear, and slings as well. However the larger or more endowed you are the smaller your choice of bras, but that's the same with most lingerie shops!  The free returns was also ideal as there is no limit on how many times you can return the bra to try and find the correct fit and postage itself was quite reasonable with a standard price of £3.  All in all a very friendly and helpful website with a professional service that I recommend and will use again."

Visit www.bras4mums.co.uk

Snoozeshade £19.99 reviewed by Emily

"A great shade to take with you on holiday as it's got UPF50+  sun protection giving you peace of mind they won't be burning and because it's so light it won't use up your baggage allowance. Compared to other shades I've used this is certainly the best." 

Visit www.snoozeshade.com for more details and stockist.

Juice Box Holder from JoJo MamanBebe £5 reviewed by Sarah from Solihull

"The juice box holder is a very sturdy piece of kit....in bright, durable plastic, with rubbery handles, making holding a comfy experience for the toddler. I can imagine this lasting for years to come.  Gone is my morning chorus of "don't squeeze it!! Keep it upright! Don't leave the box lying about" when giving my daughter her morning carton of smoothie.  This will be invaluable in the car, where you can't keep an eye on what they're doing back there, only to arrive at destination with juice all over them, and the car!  We have used this with 'wedge' style smoothie cartons, and regular rectangular boxes, and both fit well.  Overall, very impressed, and well worth buying if you and your child like the convenience of a box drink, but not the mess sometimes associated!" Visit www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk

Changing Pod from JoJoMamanBebe £16 reviewed by Lisa from Hampshire

"This is the perfect and stylish accessory with a handy change mat included.  Its compact size is great for those short trips out and fits a nappy or two, slim wipes (or normal size at a push) and nappy sacks comfortably.  As this is our third child, it is very welcome as it means that I don’t have to carry yet another huge bag when we go out.  Because of the magnetic closing, it’s easy to open and close even with one hand whilst holding your child too.  The tasteful spotty design adds to the finishing touch!"  Visit www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk

Baby Boum Bag from Little Helper from £34.99 reviewed by Cathy from Essex

"This is a lovely soft, warm sleeping bag for your little one. Easy to go from journeys in the car and straight to bed as I often need when visiting my parents as we travel late in the evening so my daughter can sleep. The Baby Boum Bag doubles as a sleeping bag and a sleepsuit for older more mobile little ones like mine. My daughter is 22 months so always running around and the cuff legs in this sleepsuit are ideal, however with no foot covering you do need to bear in mind that you may need socks or slippers as well which can make it awkward trying to remove them before you put them in bed. You do need to look at the label to find all the zips as I made the mistake of zipping my daughter in with the legs as a sleeping bag until I realised the error of my ways when she tried to walk (oops!). 

The Sleeping bag washes well and remains in the same lovely condition as when first used. The only problem I found is that as my daughter is very tall for her age her body length (neck to bottom) has outgrown the sleepsuit extremely quickly where as the legs fit her perfectly. This would be great for very little ones as its so versatile, with sleeves and without (as they zip off), the draw string waist to stop baby slipping and the chin guard to stop the zip chaffing the underneath of the chin. The other big plus for me was that my daughter couldnt take this suit off in the middle of the night unlike some others on the market that I bought for winter and we didnt have the problem that her size feet didnt fit in her age range sleepsuit as she's a size 8 and that causes problems too."  For more info click here

Mummy Looks Fab T-Shirts reviewed by Ceinwyn

"I've tried the tops, they are FAB! I've found them so easy to use and get used to wearing, I really don't know why I've never tried nursing tops before. They are extremely comfortable and have taken well to the demands of tandem feeding/babyfeeding/toddlerfeeding, whilst still managing to keep breastfeeding discreet. 
The only bad point I really have, is that the white top is fairly 'see through' at the back and it isn't going to stay particularly white for very long, especially with small children around thats for sure.
But I would definitely buy these tops and if you were able to put together a pack of 2 black as an option, that would just be a bonus."  Visit www.mummylooksfab.co.uk for these and other breast feeding clothes

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor MBP35 RRP £149.99 reviewed by Sally-Ann from Hampshire

"This video monitor is quite expensive but worth the money because it give such great monitoring and peace of mind is priceless when it comes to my baby.   It was a large video screen that was very clear and set up was pretty easy.  You can also see room temperature and there is a sound indicator so you can turn the volume down and still monitor baby.   The camera is shaped like a dog which is a cute touch and my hubbie loved it generally as it appealed to his gadget-needs and Motorola is a lot cooler than many of the other baby monitor brands!"

Organic Babies Mum & Baby Moisturiser £9.25 reviewed by Natasha

"The first thing I noticed when I opened it was the lovely smell of lavender which smelt lovely and fresh and not at all synthetic. My 8 month daughter loves to go swimming but as a result gets dry patches on her legs when I started using this cream on her dry patches at night after her bath and she would awake in the morning with lovely soft skin on her legs also I found the cream to be easily absorbed into her skin. I thnk it is good value for money at £9.25 a tube and has certainly gone a long way and I will be purchasing more and the fact it has all natural formulations I feel happy to use this cream knowing I am not rubbing chemicals into her precious skin asnd it really works well." Visit www.greenpeople.co.uk for more

Miamoo Baby Skin products reviewed by Jo from Hampshire

"I have been using these products for about 5 weeks now and they are lovely. The Cheeky Cream is great, althought my son doesn't suffer from nappy rash I use this every night it's really thick and gives great protection. The Nanight Balm smells lovely and I find the lavender smell helps to settle him at night, I rubbing on his chest just before bed. The Huggy lotion I have to admit have not used on my son as he isn't into the whole massage thing so this one has just been for me!! Its lovely and light and great for when I've just got out of the shower. I would recommend these products to everyone they are all natural so great for babies skins as well as lovely for new Mums to use." Visit www.miamoo.co.uk for more details.


Mama tea reviewed by Sarah from Hamilton

"The teas arrived beautifully packaged and were very exciting to open.  The package contained 5 different boxes of Mama Tea and an information booklet.  As with the majority of pregnant woman I have been avoiding caffeine and was unsure which herbal teas were safe to drink.  Mama Teas are perfect as they have been specifically designed and developed for pregnant and nursing woman and I can highly recommend them.
There are 3 Mama Teas you can drink throughout your pregnancy and one which has been designed for last few weeks.  Each pack clearly details when they are safe to drink.  The fifth pack has been designed for nursing mums. 
Morning Mama is a beautiful blend of ginger and chamomile with hints of lemon and orange.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this tea throughout the day but particularly before bedtime to help me sleep.  This tea has been designed to help combat morning sickness, digestive upsets and insomnia.  Glowing Mama is a delicious blend of rooibos, elderflower, echinacea leaf and dandelion leaf.  This a lovely refreshing tea that can be enjoyed throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.  The herbs in this tea are commonly used for their antioxidant qualities along with being a safe alternative to antibiotics in pregnancy and to aid in the relief of water retention.
Cool Mama is a lovely blend of spearmint and chamomile.  This is my favourite as I feel it helps with the common pregnancy complain of indigestion and heartburn.  I mostly drink this after meals and love the mild mint flavour.  Ready Mama is a blend of raspberry leaf and rose petal.  This tea is not suitable until the 38th week of pregnancy as it is a birth preparation tea.  As I am only 30 weeks I have not tasted it as yet but am very much looking forward to it.  The tea contains raspberry leaf which has been shown to help prepare the womb for birth.  Rose petals are traditionally used as an anti-depressant and are good to help calm during labour."
New Mama is a blend of fennal and lemon balm.  This tea is not suitable for use during pregnancy but is designed to aid breastfeeding.  This tea contains herbs to aid breastfeeding, constipation and ease mastitis." Available in Waitrose.

Bambeano Seat reviewed by Leslieanne from Worthing in October 2009

"We were very excited when our 'Bambeano' arrived - couldn't get it out of the box quick enough!  And we weren't dissapointed, it's a lovely product.  Essentially, it's a beanbag designed especially for your baby - shaped so that it positions him in a semi-upright position (much like a bouncy chair), and with a clippy harness to keep him safe.  My little boy loves it!  I strapped him in to watch spongebob (his favourite!), and he immediately looked very comfortable and happy.  He does love his bouncer too, but I think this is better for when you're trying to settle baby or encourage naptime, as there's no movement or toy bar to distract or excite them, so it's altogether more calming and relaxing.  It's really good qualty too, lovely fabric and very well made (so much so that it makes a comfy seat for mummy & daddy too!), plus It's a product that will really last too- when your little one gets bigger, you could put it in their own room to be used as a regular beanbag. Definitely reccomend this to other parents.Visit www.crazy4baby.co.uk for more information and to buy

Method Baby Range reviewed by Alison from Somerset

"The first thing that strikes you about these products is the packaging as as well as being really cool the products are easy to get hold of when wet.  Little details like a lid that can be used as a rinsing cup make all the difference.  So I had high hopes for the actually products and I wasn't dissappointed.  They all smell lovely but not over perfumed or chemically.  They all did the job that they said they would and with absolutely no irritation at all.  I will definitely look out for these when I'm shopping in Boots next time."  Visit www.methodproducts.co.uk for more details.


Bambino Merino Baby Sleeping Bag reviewed by Hannah from Middlesex

"I recently tried out the Bambino Merino Sleeping bag for babies which I thought was excellent. When it arrived I opened it and immediately felt how soft it was and also how warm it would be in the winter. The sleeping bag also came with a long sleeve bodysuit which was very thin but also felt very soft. I used it on my 4 month old daughter and she looked very cosy in it. It is true what they say that it keeps them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The sleeping bag has an age range of 0-4yrs but they also have other ranges in the same material.  It is also machine washable, odour resistance and is great for those babies that have sensitive skin.  The price of the sleeping bag is £49.95 and the long sleeve vest is £17.95 which is a bit steep but it is worthwhile I just wish they did one for adults.  Please take a look at the website as you will get a feel for the product straight away."  Visit www.bambinomerino.com