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Read With Biff, Chip & Kipper : Reading App

Gazoob recently launched one of the UK’s leading reading schemes ‘Read with Biff, Chip and Kipper’ as a range of interactive reading apps.  There are a total of 48 books across six levels, with each level containing four reading books and four phonics books. The digital books are true to the traditional books from the range and give children the opportunity to learn to read in a thoroughly modern way.  ‘Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper: Library’ is currently available as a free app, offering two free books from level 1 when you download the library. In addition, customers can at present download the whole of levels 1-3 for a discounted price of just £3.99.  The apps are available for iPhone and iPad from the App Store, Android from Google Play and the Windows Store.  For further information about the ‘Read with Biff, Chip & Kipper’ apps please visit www.gazoob.com or follow on Facebook and Twitter.
Bev's Review: (Well, 5-year old Jude's Review really...!) This app is brilliant! We have so many games and puzzles on our iPad yet this is now the one that my 5-year old chooses first everytime. Over the past few weeks he has read every book in the collection and his reading has come on leaps and bounds. It's fantastic that he can choose to have the book read to him first if he is struggling with some words (perfect for car journeys) and then go back and have a try himself. The added bonus is that there are games at the end of each book, which are great fun. There are also things to find as you go along - and sound effects! Highly recommended. This is an absolute gem of an app - and completely educational too.
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Lonely Planet, 'Not for parents' - Everything you ever wanted to know about Europe book

Lonely Planet is the world’s leading travel content provider, supplying inspiring and trustworthy information for those planning a trip, on the road or browsing as an armchair traveller. This month, Lonely Planet has also revealed four new destination titles in it’s Not for Parents series, Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. Lonely Planet’s Not for Parents children’s series is designed for children aged 8-12 to help kids to understand the world through interesting information and quirky illustrations.

Sarah's review: Wow! What a book! The whole family loved this and this range will certainly be on Christmas wish-lists this year! This little guide to just about everything is presented in a quirky, cartoon style graphic, with eye-catching facts and amazing bits of information! Our favourite bit about it was that there was literally something for everyone. It kept our 7-year-old daughter occupied, looking at all the images and reading the short bursts of text, and the amazing (and sometimes slightly gruesome!) bits drew our 13-year-old son in too. There is nothing there which is unsuitable for a younger audience and we felt that it would encourage younger readers to want to read, whilst having enough interest to hold the older audience. Great value for money too. We love it!

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Lonely Planet's World Search!

World Search is an exciting new children’s book series from Lonely Planet, which introduces a new generation of future travellers to the wider world around them. Aimed at readers aged 5 and up, these fun titles let kids lift the lid on a range of topics including Amazing Jobs, Incredible Animals and Busy Places.  Packed with fun illustrations to bring the books to life, each book in the World Search series also features over 50 sturdy, easy to lift flaps to help children explore places, people, and cultures; and really get under the skin of each destination.

Lyndsey's Review: I reviewed these books with my 7yr old daughter, I looked through the books before she read them and I was so impressed, they were filled with so much information about countries and animals and all in a easy to understand child friendly way! My daughter has learnt so much from them and as she got the Africa book and was learning about Africa at school it was so helpful. We will be buying more of these in the future. If you child loves reading and loves learning about the world these are the perfect thing to buy.

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Reading Chest!

Research shows that reading with children for just ten minutes per day can make a dramatic difference in how well they perform at school. But finding enough interesting reading material at the right level for your child can be difficult, with few schools changing books on a daily basis and few libraries providing a solid selection of reading scheme books.  However, now you can encourage children to develop their love of reading with Reading Chest, an innovative book rental service for primary-age children learning to read.

Carrie's review:The Reading Chest is a great resource for a my child who is nearly 4, before they get to school, and also once they are there if you are concerned your child is not getting enough variety of books from their school to keep reading fun. I was able to easily choose his correct reading level on the website as it shows a selection of pages from books in each group. You can also select the type of book (fiction or no-fiction) or specific reading programmes you wish to include in your selection. The books arrived within a couple of days of registering.The first package arrived addressed to my son, which he loved! He was delighted with his book bag and keen to see which books he had. He has also enjoyed putting a sticker on his book chart when he has read a new one. Every night he has read at least one of his books and has also proudly taken them to pre-school to share with his friends and staff. I will be sending his first four books back soon for a new selection!


Magik Girl pens

Uniball make the Magik Girl pen - an erasable pen which allows kids to learn to write with a pen but without worrying that they will have messy crossing out. The pens come in 8 vibrant colours and are designed for little girls. This one would be more for school age children.

Elaine's Review: If your children love stationery then this pack of coloured, erasable pens will be a big hit! My 9 year old adored these pens, the colours are bright and wrote very well. The fact that you can rub out mistakes adds to the appeal, and according to my daughter these are all the rage in her class at school at the moment! You can't get more highly recommended than that!

Rachel's Review: My daughters (aged 3 and 7) were excited to open their Magik Girl pens, which are great for writing with. The colours included were pretty and very girly. The unique aspect to these pens is that the eraser on the top of each pen will rub out the pens marks. Overall they are a great idea and would be an ideal stocking filler or birthday present.

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Chalk markers to create creative learning

Uniball make a chalk marker which kids can use on blackboards or blackboard painted walls with their parents for interactive and fun learning spaces. They come in lots of vibrant colours and create a dense, vibrant writing lines and colour. They can be easily removed from non-porous surfaces using a damp cloth or mild detergent.  

Tracy's Review: These Markers are brilliant, we can use them on blackboards and whiteboards, and it’s easy to wipe the boards clean afterwards. Although you have to really shake the markers to 'wake them up', they release just enough fluid to the nib with no excess or leakage. Ideal for my primary school son as he can practice his writing and improve his art skills, and mine!

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