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Vosene Kids 3 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo and Conditioning Defence Spray


Vosene Kids 3in1 Conditioning Shampoo and Conditioning Defence Spray work together to clean, condition and detangle your child’s hair, as well as containing natural ingredients to help prevent head lice. Say hello to happy hair!


Emma's Review: The conditioning shampoo left our toddlers hair in a really nice and shiny condition. Their hair was also tangle free which is a definite bonus. The smell of the shampoo was quite pleasant and it lathered up well. We have been using the conditioning defence spray to ward off nits rather than as a conditioner, and this has been successful so far! My 10 year old niece has used the spray after washing her hair as her hair tangles really easily. The spray helps to smooth out her hair when combing it. The only downside to the conditioning spray is that the  smell of teatree is very strong and can still be smelt on the hair the next day. We would definitely  buy this product.


Australia's number one sunscreen SunSense offers SPF 50 and 50+ protection using specially designed formulas and quality ingredients - now with the added skin nourishing benefits of Vitamin E. A firm favourite with busy parents thanks to its Toddler Milk and Ultra products which come in easy-to-apply roll-ons, SunSense is on a mission to promote sun safety in schools and amongst young families in the UK with its newly launched Sun Sensible campaign. Click here for more information.  SunSense Ultra is a light, smooth, easy-to-apply high factor sun cream for children and adults providing SPF 50+ protection with 4 hours water resistance. Great for use at home or on holiday, it is water-resistant for 4 hours and available in a 500ml pump, 125ml bottle and a handy 50ml roll-on, ideal for school bags.

Bev's Review: We tested the roll-on SunSense and it's a genius product for children. They were happy to apply the lotion themselves and it covered little legs and arms very easily, so I was happy that they were getting full coverage. It lasted well too and didn't need re-applying all afternoon. We'll definately look out for the roll-on variety in future.

Click here to see Sunsense on Ebay.


Bassetts Soft & Chewy Vitamins - offer free soft play session with every pack!

Bassetts have made mums’ lives a little bit easier with free soft play sessions on every promotional pack. With so many mums valuing the time they have at soft play and the kids enjoying it even more, it’s a win-win for everyone! And it doesn’t stop at soft play – the Bassetts Soft & Chewy Vitamins range offers a choice of delicious one-a-day vitamin pastilles that are specially formulated to help support a healthy lifestyle at all ages and stages. For more information on the product range go to Bassetts website

Laura's Review: I thought these were great, the pastilles are very nice and easy to take as they are soft and chewy. My three kids (9,7 & 3) gave them a big thumbs up, are happy to take them every day (fantastic no arguments or negotiating required) and I don’t have to stock up on different products.


Phoebe's Review: My daughter (6yrs) is prone to sniffles and colds and it has always been a challenge to get her to take any medicine. So Bassetts pastilles were the next remedy to try and build up resistance with vitamin supplements. It has been a very positive result; not only did she love the flavour (orange), “very yummy, Mummy!” she hasn't had any coughs or sneezing. I will certainly maintain a Soft & Chewy daily dose.


Zoe's Review: My two boys (8 & 4) love their daily strawberry flavoured pastilles because they taste really fruity. They both would have seconds as it's hard to resist them even though you only need one a day. I like them because the boys will eat them without any hassle and it’s reassuring that it contributes to their vitamin intake.


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Natural Sun Protection by JASON

Planning to jet away at half term, or perhaps a Winter sun holiday is on the cards? We recently tested the natural sun protection range by JASÖN®. Perfect for families; instead of lathering your body with nasty chemicals, protect your skin with this natural sun care range. JASON is loved by the stars including Reese Witherspoon, Welsh opera singing beauty, Katherine Jenkins and UK fashionista Stella McCartney, it cares for your skin against harmful rays and with no nasty added extras; just simple, natural products that really work.

We tested Kids Natural Sunblock SPF45: specially formulated for tender skin, this sun care formula is tear-free and water resistant. £11.99. Lucy says: "This was ideal for all the family, not just the children. It wasn't greasy and it wasn't too thin and runny like a lot of the sprays seem to be. My daughter has reacted badly to some of the main brands in the past, so I liked the fact that this contained all natural products - and it worked! No dry, itchy skin for her (which is usually how she is by the end of the holiday). It offered brilliant protection - no sunburn - and lasted the whole week with some left over. I would definately search out this product again."

For further information on JASÖN® natural care products visit www.jasonnaturalcare.co.uk or call 0845 072 5825.  Products are available nationwide from select Tesco Nutricentres, select health food shops and Harrods Pharmacy, Selfridges Pharmacy, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic, John Bell & Croyden and online at www.jasonnaturalcare.co.uk.  



Halos N Horns has two new additions to its baby and toddler fun bath time range, a Baby Moisturising Lotion and a Gentle Bubble Bath & Body Wash.  Both new skincare products will be exclusive to Boots. To celebrate the launch, there are savings of up to a 1/3 for a limited period only* in Boots stores nationwide. Halos N Horns Baby Moisturising Lotion is gentle and hypo-allergenic, it smells lovely , and our testers Mum did admit to using the moisturiser on herself too.  The lotion costs £3.99 (250 ml).

Halos N Horns Gentle Bubble Bath & Body Wash is very versatile, it can be used in the shower on toddlers or as a bubble bath.  It smells scrumptious too.  The bubble bath costs £3.49 (250 ml). We also tried the shampoo and body washes - Zingy Orange Hair & Body Wash,Mango-Melon Mayhem Shampoo and Conditioner, and Berry Burst Shampoo & Detangler. They left the kids with soft, detangled beautiful smelling hair.  What more could you want? 

Green People's Organic Sun Lotions for Children, available in No Scent or Lavender (SPF25)
My children are truly fussy about Sun Lotion, to them it's a waste of time, who wants to be putting on lotion when they can be out playing? It's jolly good that Green People have come up with these no mess easily absorbable products, quick to apply and low on the fuss scale. I cannot sing the praises of the Lavender scented sun lotion enough, although the children prefered the unscented version I adored the lovely smell as the kids brushed passed me. Find out more about these and other products in the range at www.greenpeople.co.uk


Myreen Young
Babeeze Organic Cradle Cap Oil and Sleepeeze Drops - reviewed by Sarah

Babeeze Organic Cradle Cap Oil is a beautiful blend of sweet almond, safflower, calendula, lavender and mandarin essentials oils.  I have been using this product on my now 20 week old son for 4 weeks and have found it has made a huge difference in the health of his scalp.  Initially it was very dry and flaking and now looks normal.  I've also used it on my 2 year olds hair and scalp as he still has some cradle cap.  I've noticed again that it is starting to make a difference and the cradle cap is clearing up.  His hair is also very shiny and healthy looking from it.  The oil smells beautiful and is very easy to apply.  Overall a fantastic product for the whole family. 
Sleepeze Drops are a gorgeous blend of lavender, vertiver, valerian and chamomile essentials oils.  Again I have been using these to aid both my toddler and baby's sleep.  I have been putting a few drops on each of their mattresses at night and I do believe they've aided in a much more restful sleep.  This is a lovely product to use and fills the room with a beautiful aroma that again the whole family can enjoy and benefit from. You can purchase these and other products in the range at www.my-skincare.co.uk




Cares Child Aviation Restraint - reviewed by Catherine and Luke (4 yrs).


I was thrilled to be chosen to test the Cares Child Aviation Restraint System as we were travelling to Canada for the first time with our 4 year old son and I was concerned about him only having a lap belt on the plane. In a car he is safely strapped in and I felt it was important for him to be just as safe in a plane. The Cares Child Aviation Restraint System was  very light and compact and came in it's own drawstring bag which I thought was a really good idea as it kept everything together.


The instructions were clear and easy to follow and we easily attached the seatbeat around the seat and fastened Luke in. He was quite happy sitting in it and didn't complain once that it was uncomfortable.


Being a long flight we got up and walked around quite a few times and it was easy to fasten and unfasten the seatbelt.


I would definately recommend this product as I felt so much better about flying knowing Luke was safely strapped in. You can find out more about Cares Child Aviation Restraint here. Or go to www.kidsflysafe.com