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Building a Better Future for Children with Unique Needs

Freddies is the path to a brighter, more fulfilling future for children with Special Educational Needs. Our unique educational environment provides an atmosphere where children unable to cope in the traditional school setting will positively want to re-engage with education and we will help them succeed.

The word ‘school’ conjures up visions of ‘institutions’ and for many of our children this connotation is often a negative one. We strive to make Freddies a place where learning and fun go hand-in-hand, creating a positive association in the mind of its pupils. We don’t actively avoid the word but encourage its usage when our pupils feel it is a word of which to be proud.

Freddies students will normally have been defined as having multiple and complex issues presenting with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties as well as struggling with physiological disorders such as ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia. These needs will often have been documented in a statement from the Local Education Authority.

In too many cases the current school system is fundamentally failing Special Educational Needs Pupils, providing no real help to find suitable alternatives, and more importantly offering no real education. As a consequence it is no surprise that 20% of the UK prison population is currently documented as having a learning difficulty.

We work with our pupils, from the age of 5 to 11, helping them develop techniques to overcome their learning and behavioural challenges and providing them the tools they need to succeed both in education and into adult life, most importantly tailoring their education to their needs.

Freddies a New Future

The prospect of failing to ensure a secure future for our children
is probably one of the most emotive dilemmas facing parents, carers and guardians today. Like most worthwhile projects, Freddies has been made possible due to the tremendous efforts and funding of resourceful business woman and passionate parent of a Special Needs Child. Like many parents with a child with Special Education Needs Suzanne Gillies was presented with a choice of schools unsuitable for her son’s complex needs, in both the public and private sector, and provided with little support from the Local Education Authority. Fuelled by Suzanne’s determination to see her son placed in the right learning environment and with a desire to address the shortfall in provision for others, Freddies was born.

Friends of Freddies

Special Educational Needs does not mean ‘thick’, some of the greatest thinkers and business minds of our time, including Richard Branson and Einstein have been diagnosed with learning difficulties. At Freddies we realise we are dealing with gifted children and we understand our responsibility to provide them with the right opportunity to become tomorrow’s greats. 

We hope that whether as a local business, a prominent member of society, or a concerned parent, you can lend support to the Freddies initiative as a ‘Friend of Freddies’.

Another Brick in the Wall...

Like the lyrics in the famous Pink Floyd track the majority of Freddies pupils will have been subject to close minded thinking and prejudice before being placed with us. Is it any wonder they shared the view ‘we don’t need no education’.

Financial support is just one way to contribute and is extremely important as it allows us the means to provide additional equipment and resources, as and when they are most needed. However, support can be provided in many other ways, through a contribution of time, knowledge, or assistance through joint-publicity.

We need local businesses to assist us, now is a perfect opportunity to support a local project, benefiting local children and providing the work force of tomorrow.

In recognition of this fact we have chosen ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ as a central theme, in each of the Freddies buildings a wall is dedicated to the ‘Friends of Freddies’. With your help we will metaphorically replace each brick of prejudice and institutionalism with one of understanding and support, with the name of each sponsor recorded on a plaque in the school and on the Freddies website.

Benefits of being a ‘Friend of Freddies’:

  • Another Brick in the Wall recognition 
  • Your logo and web link on the Freddies sites, www.freddiesfuture.co.uk 
  • Subscription to a monthly newsletter 
  • Media publicity where appropriate, and with prior consent 
  • Included within the Freddies Friends Calendar 
  • The satisfaction in helping provide a future for the pupils of Freddies 

For More Information

Whether you are a parent or teacher with a child who would benefit from an education at Freddies, or an individual or company who is interested in becoming a ‘Friend of Freddies’, you can find out more by: 

Calling 0118 9500190, or e-mailing
Suzanne@freddiesfuture.co.uk or visit www.freddiesfuture.co.uk