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Family Gadget Reviews

BRESSER Binocom 7x50 DCS BinocularsBresser Binoculars Binocom 7x50 DCS

If you are hoping to catch glimpses of wildlife on your family day trips, binoculars are an essential companion. The Bresser 7X50 binoculars are professional waterproof binoculars with an integrated illuminated digital compass, a tilt angle display and a floating neck strap that keeps them above water should they go overboard. Thanks to a nitrogen filled case, the binoculars are also completely waterproof

We chose a review family that live on the coast, enjoy sailing and also spend leisure time on strolls in the country - they really put the binoculars through their paces! Here's what they had to say:

"On openeing the package it was apparant that these wre not your cheap every day binoculars.  We were reminded of the Jurrasic park scene where the young boy picks up the night vision binoculars and asks if they're expensive, the grown up responds 'Are they heavy?  Then they're expensive' - so, yes, these are quite weighty but boy do they wipe the floor with our old ones!

They're obviously well built in the manner of most German engineered products.  They're comfortable to hold with the added safety that they can be passed around the boat without fear of water damage.  The digital compass was a fantastic addition, a real learning apect for the children.  The comfy neck strap meant that young and old were happy to plod along on country walks.

Available to purchase from reichelt.co.uk


Dino Tales App

Dino Tales

Sophia's Review (8): "We love this new game for our iPad. My brother (6) and I have been able to play it together as there is so much to do and we can take turns doing the tasks such as finding food and collecting fossils for the 'Treasure Trove'. It's also great that we can keep changing the colour of our dinosaurs and give them names of our choosing (CaptainDino is one superhero-style dinosaur name!). My mum was able to set the reading level for the game and although she set it for my brother's reading level, he isn't far behind me so it still felt challenging enough for both of us.  We have found out loads of cool facts about dinosaurs that we never knew before, which is great! In particular, we now know that if your dinosaur is a carnivore, he's really not going to be interested in being fed lots of green leaves!

There seems to be lots more to this game, which is a bonus as some games we have make it easy to get through all the levels and collect everything within a few days and then the game is never played with again. This one's a keeper...!"

Dino TalesDINO TALES is a game that gives young players freedom to explore an island teeming with prehistoric wildlife, seen through the eyes of baby dinosaurs.  It gives players the unique ability to capture their play sessions and turn them into digital Storybooks that can be shared and read with family and loved ones. Aimed at children aged between 4 and 10, in DINO TALES children will uncover a wealth of paleontological facts and fictions, enough to satisfy the most curious of minds. Using the intuitive Word Wheels, children can construct thousands of questions to ask Darwin, the in-game learning buddy, who answers in a child-friendly voice. DINO TALES also offers parents and teachers a security pin-code controlled ‘Parent Corner’ in which adults can set the reading age and length of play sessions. Available for £2.49 on the Apple App Store.


OtterBox Iphone 5/5s

The Commuter Series Wallet for iPhone 5/5s is a protective smartphone case that also provides concealed storage and quick access for your cash and cards. Convenience, security, trusted OtterBox protection — it's everything you need all in one. Now all that's left for you to do is grab your essentials and go.As the only iPhone 5/5s wallet case on the market with a front-facing access drawer and audible click closure, this case gives you peace of mind knowing the items inside are safe, secure and for your eyes only. The wallet drawer holds up to three cards and one bill and slides open for quick access to the contents inside. See more at: OtterBox

Tom's Review: This case is fantastic! It makes carrying money and cards less of a hastle. The case doesnt obstruct any other features on the phone such as camera, sound buttons, sound etc. The case makes for quick access to money and cards when ever you want. I personally think having a wallet on the back of the phone is great because I have my phone out almost all the time!

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LifeProof Iphone 5/5s or Samsung Galaxy S4

LifeProof, the award-winning maker of all-protective, everyday cases for smartphones and tablets, have launched the LifeProof fre; a water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof case for the iPhone. The LifeProof fre provides protection from the elements as well as from drops, scratches, sweat, dirt and other hazards of daily living.
LifeProof fre was put through a series of independent lab tests to meet military standards for shock and impact protection, and has an IP-68 rating for water, dirt, and snow protection. In addition, every single LifeProof case is water-tested at the factory before shipping to customers.

Toms Review: This case is beyond perfect for a festival or anywhere where it might need protection. I put it on my Iphone for 3 days to test it out and was very suprised. The case isn't bulky or off putting, It doesnt alter the width or length which is good in term of comfort. It is infact water proof. I tried this by putting it in a bowl of water.. It came out fine!(Thankfully) The tight case and design is flawless . I would recommed this to anybody thinking of taking their phone to a festival or somewhere rough.

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The new Jabra SOLEMATE Mini is the perfect travel companion that lets users take their music to places they’d never have thought possible. Hassle free and designed for use anywhere, the SOLEMATE mini has many handy features including Bluetooth and NFC technology, durability, 8 hour battery life and an integrated cable in the sole of the speaker so users have the choice to connect wirelessly or wired. Available in a range of bold primary colours. £79.99 | Available from Amazon.co.uk

Toms Review: This Pocket sized Jabra Solemate is big sound in a small package. I used this over the  Easter weekend when I had a few friends over and they were all stunned by its performance. The sound quality is great and volume is perfect for a room. The jaggered design at the bottom gives it grip so it wont fall off the surface its placed upon. With it being BlueTooth, it is super easy to connect up any of your devices. Great little house/portable speaker.

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QDOS Q-BOPZ Suction speaker

Available in 7 different eye catching colours, the QDOS Q-BOPZ features a handy suction pad to enable it to stick to almost anything. It can be stuck to the back of a smartphone or tablet and used as a stand with sound, or stuck to a window, desk, or car dashboard for music on the go.
Perfect for parties or relaxing at home, it's covered in silicon which makes it durable and splash resistant. The bluetooth range is 10 metres and it provides up to seven hours continuous playback. The volume goes pretty high too!

Tom's Review: This speaker is genius. The suction pad makes it 100% portable. One minute I was using it in my car and the next it was on the back of my phone while I was walking around. The sound quality of the speaker is great considering the low price. I was pleasantly suprised with the bass and overall sound quality. If you need a portal speaker I would recommend this.

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Nurvo Android Tablets! 

If all your techno-savvy children want for Christmas this year is a tablet PC of their own, Nurvo’s British- designed affordable Android devices should be top of your e-shopping list. Nurvo’s range of Android devices has something for everyone. For mums and dads of techno tots who want a decent tablet without breaking the bank, there are 7” and 10” tablets with dual-core processors and 16GB storage both retailing at under £100. The tablets have front and rear cameras and access to Google Play Store’s thousands of easily downloadable games, books and music.

Selma's review: When the Nurvo Android Tablet arrived my kids (11 & 7) could not wait to unpack it and 'boot up'. We were immediately impressed with the performance levels of the Nurvo 10” Tablet. Windows scroll smoothly and it switches between applications quickly. Typing is fast and very good too. The kids find it easy to use and it has quickly become a favourite source for fun and educational games. All told it’s a great tablet, responsive, fast, feature packed and can hold its own against more expensive models.

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NudeAudio Speakers

NudeAudio launched into the UK over the summer, introducing their innovative range of portable Bluetooth speakers to the UK Market. Just find the speaker on your bluetooth devices, play music on your iPod, iPhone or any MP3 player and you're away!
Sarah's Review: This is a very simple, yet brilliant product. It worked straight out of the box. I just switched it on, found the device via bluetooth on my iPhone and turned up the music! It's a very portable speaker and comes in it's own drawstring bag, so it can be easily popped into your backpack or handbag. The sound quality is also surprisingly good for such a small speaker - and I would imagine to be excellent with the M or L size of speaker (we tested the small one). Overall, a great product and a great gift idea (...and not too expensive) for Christmas.


The new Doro 410s GSMMobile Phone reviewed by Benn, Oli and James (10,9,12)

Although the idea of giving a mobile to your youngster is not without it's worries, the Doro 410s Mobile  is designed to give parents peace of mind as their young adults get ready to become more independent. Perhaps taking some of the worry out of walking to school for the first time by themselves or going out to play with friends.

This is a basic mobile, with no facebook browsing, aps or itunes, the phone is there to be used when needed, which is a relief when our children can be stuck with their handsets unable to remove them fro their grasp.

The strap attachment can be worn around the neck or strung through a belt loop, so there's no fear of losing the phone whilst our intreped explorers get out and about. But the best function is that the phone has a panic button -
the button being really important in this age group; the phone would dial 5 pre-programmed numbers in the event of pressing in an emergency.

Benn says 'I love that I can loop the strap around my belt loop on my trousers, it means that I can play out and not worry that I will lose it and get told off!'

Oli says 'The phone is cool, it looks really funky and I know I'm safe with the special button.'

James says 'My phone has a rubbery kind of feel to it, I've dropped it twice now, once out of a tree and it's not broken yet!'

As you can see the phones are a real hit with our youngsters, if you would like to find out more please visit www.matobshop.co.uk