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Vax Air Cordless Solo Upright Vacuum CleanerVax Air Cordless Review

What they say: 

The Vax Air Cordless is our first generation full size cordless cleaner, combining power, maneuvrability and a LithiumLifeTM battery.

  • LithiumLifeTM battery deliver long lasting power
  • WindTunnel3TM technology provides 3 channels of suction for a powerful performance
  • Market leading 6 year warranty**
  • Steerable technology for outstanding manoeuvrability
  • Ultra-lightweight at only 4.6kg when in use
  • A removable cleaning wand and tools for above the floor and stair cleaning

Our thoughts:

Reviews by mums for mumsThere's no doubt that this is one of the most handy ways to vacuum, gone is the need to plug and unplug, gone is the heavy lifting and lugging your vacuum up and down stairs.  Ever dragged your vacuum to clean the car having it topple and fall as you struggle to manouver it into position? That's not going to be an issue with this model.
On unwrapping and using the vacuum for the first time we were smitten. It comes with two batteries, so you don't have to speed vacuum with the pressure of time running out. One battery can be on charge whilst you use the other.  Not that you'll need to worry about the battery running out of charge all that often, we found battery life to be enough to vacuum an entire house.  Manoeuverability is also fantastic, having struggled with the heavier uprights this glided like a dream, ideal for anybody with movement problems.  The design means that you can take the cylinder off the running gear to easily get the vacuum up and down stairs. 
The vacuum is quiet, easy to empty and on the whole a great buy, but......

there's always a but:
Suction of the device is not great, having gone from a standard vacuum to this model you immediately notice that although the brushes are doing their job well suction is in no way enough to get all the debris off the floor of a well used family home.
The filter needs to be washed regularly, no news there as that's the case with most vacuums but with this model the filter is so very thick, once washed, it takes a whole day to dry out, rendering your vacuum useless for that time.
What's the verdict?
This is a great concept.  It's light, easy to use and all in all a good little addition to the family home.  However, we don't see that it could completely replace the standard upright on suction.  If you don't have pets and have a house with mostly hard floors we'd recommend it, if you're a pooch loving family with a mostly carpeted house then you'll need a standard vacuum at least once a week to keep your home looking tip top.


Kids Baz Bag by BeanBagBazaar

Children can sit on this huge bean bag in up to four different seating positions, making this one of the most versatile kids’ bean bags available. It can be used as a giant floor cushion, an upright chair, a lounger or a canoe seat. The Kids Baz Bag® is made using 100% waterproof polyester which means you don’t have to worry about spillages - they run right off! It also means that sticky finger prints can be wiped away quickly and easily with a damp sponge. This waterproof fabric also means that the bean bag can be used outdoors in the summer months either as a garden sun lounger or sun chair bean bag.

Sarah Hodgkin's review: From the minute this big, bright, and brilliant bag arrived, it has been much used and loved! My daughter (aged 8) has loved discovering new ways to sit on it and has had lots of fun using it - the best discovery was using it to sit on whilst sliding down our stairs... cue much giggling!
Reviews by mums for mums
The Baz Bag is really comfortable and can be used as a seat in a variety of positions or just as a lovely big floor cushion. It's lightweight too which means it can easily be carried around the house but sturdy enough to withstand lots of use! The bag is a lovely bright colour and very easy to keep clean with it's waterproof and 'kid proof' covering, and we are looking forward to using it outside too as the weather improves. Think we will have lots of fun with this and we are sure it will last for years to come!


Qute by Omlet - the spacious and sophisticated two-storey abode for hamsters and gerbils

Reviews by mums for mumsUnlike other gerbil and hamster homes, there's no need to hide it away as the contemporary design is so stylish, Qute lends itself to most modern interiors. Whether placed in a living room, kitchen or next to a child's bed, this small animal home looks like part of the furniture and comes in pretty handy for storing things. Cleverly designed so that cleaning takes less than a minute, the deep bedding tray slides out easily for cleaning and refilling, whilst also acting as a mobile play station. Qute makes an ideal Christmas gift - having a pet can be a wonderful and rewarding experience, teaching young kids about responsibility, how to take care of others and about animal behaviour.  Take advantage of FREE UK delivery on Qutes using code: QUTEDELIVERY.

Luann's review: My kids (7 & 5) were so excited when Qute arrived and could not wait to unpack it. The Qute has a cute little ground and first floor apartment for a Hamster size animal. It has a very simple process for cleaning (my kids actually like doing it) so nothing to it! The Qute is easy to assemble, and it looks great as a new piece of 'furniture' in our home. Crucially fluffy has settled into her new home!


Wall Decoration and design from www.wallsensation.co.uk

Wall Sensation say "Choose from our collection of easy apply wall art stickers and we can guarantee they will be the highlight of your wall. When it is time to redecorate your room the endless designs and styles available to choose from can make you feel a little overwhelmed. One easier way is to use wall decals or wall stickers as they are more often referred." OK so we tested this with butterflies in our tummy, decorating is not our strong point. However, if you can peel and stick you've got the easy decoration solution right here.  There's no wallpapering fuss and mess to tackle, no tins of paint to drip over the floor, it's just creating a unique piece of art on the wall or walls that you choose.  Easy peasy and with delightful results. With ideal nursery decorations like the Pooh and Friends stickers to the older Kids Glow In the Dark stickers Wall Sensation have alot to offer.  For further info take a look at www.wallsensation.co.uk


The Dodo Household Stuff Book

I have to admit I am a Dodo-Pad (www.dodopad.com) fan, so when I was asked to try out the  Dodo Household Stuff Book I had high expectations. The Household Stuff Book claims to create order out of your chaos and bring harmony to your home. It has a fab wipe-clean weekly activities page, conversion tables, along with sections for birthday lists, bills, annual reminders and holiday info, you’ll have no excuse once you’ve got your mitts on one of these! Whether your home is a shell in Shropshire, a mansion in Milton Keynes, or a beach hut in Brighton, the Household Stuff Book can prevent a pickle thanks to its plethora of pockets and pouches to stuff and store in. It’s priced at £18.95 from www.dodopad.com or by calling 0845 053 1166. 

Marco Pierre White MarcO-Grill 1000 Portable Gas BBQ

"This BBQ is fantastic!  We were expecting getting it set up was going to be a huge faff but it was so easy and within 15 minutes it was on and sizzling sausages.  It comes with a small gas bottle and this is the only thing that needs attaching.  No other assembly is required.  It ignited first time and was easy to control the temperature.  It's very light weight so entirely practical to take on a picnic or camping.  It also looks incredibly good!  Our only concern was finding replacement gas cyclinders but you can buy an adaptor so it will work with the more common small, blue gas cylinders found on campsites." 

Visit www.heavenchef.com

Persil Small and Mighty Bio Liquid

"Having 2 teenage boys and biological washing detergent is a must, white school shirts, grass stains to say the least. Usually I prefer to use tables as I know I am using the correct dosage, but when the opportunity to try the liquid came up I jumped at the chance!

I managed to get the correct amount of washes out of the bottle with almost enough for one more left over. The liquid is thick and has a good fragrance, fresh but not overpowering.

My first wash to put on was the dreaded white school shirts and cricket whites, a test and a half, they came out clean and fresh smelling, even the bolognaise stains down the front of one of them and grass stains on the cricket trousers!

In fact over the few weeks that I have tried this liquid I have been impressed with the cleaning power, it removes stains that on other occasions I have had to wash again.

The only downfall to the liquid is that after drying, tumble drier or washing line the clothes don’t have that lovely smell that is on the washing as it comes out of the machine.

Overall I would recommend this product, as it cleans well and is easy to dose out."  Visitwww.persil.co.uk

Dettol Surface Wipes

"These wipes are really handy and easy to use.  Makes giving the surfaces and high chair a quick wipe down very easy.  They also smell really nice and don't contain any bleach so I feel happy using them on surfaces that my baby comes in to contact with." Visit www.dettol.co.uk for more info.


Dr Bronners

"I have to say I was quite sceptical about these products as they say that they have "All-in-one" and "Magic" soaps that can be used for washing face, floors and as a mouthwash.  Apparently they are massive in America!  The first thing that hit me was the amazing smell, good start.  The packaging is very "50s housewife" feeling with loads of writing so not very obvious how to use them.  But the bottom line is I really liked them, it's a big step to use them on the floors aswell as hands but I will have fun trying."  Available from Health Food Stores and www.victoriahealth.com.