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Gifts Just 4 Mum!

Catherine Green

Jessica's Review: "I adore handmade quirky items for my home, so I was over the moon to receive the Catherine Green Lavender Bag. It arrived beautifully wrapped and with a handwritten note, what a lovely personal touch... The scent was wonderful the minute it was opened and I have the bag hanging in my hallway where it is attracting a LOT of comments from visitors. Although the lavender bag features a Robin, it won't look at all out of place after Christmas so I intend to leave it hanging up!" 

A perfect Christmas gift for mums! Catherine Green is an artist who creates vibrant, textile artwork from her studio in Yorkshire. Her open studio has a permanent exhibition of work in the gallery area including prints, cards, badges, homeware and larger original pieces of artwork.catherine green

Each of Catherine’s Christmas lavender bags have been created using fabrics which have been hand printed in her studio using water based fabric printing inks.  The design has been hand drawn before being transferred onto a silk screen which is then used to print onto cotton or linen fabrics, pieced together and filled with Yorkshire lavender. The festive bags are beautifully finished with a ribbon to allow the bags to be hung around the home or Christmas tree! Catherine also has a number of lavender bags which feature Catherine’s signature artwork, inspired by local Yorkshire countryside without the festive theme, which make beautiful decorations to offer a delicate fragrant scent at any time of the year. Take a look at Catherine’s other items by visiting www.catherinegreen.co.uk.


Mclaggan Smith Mugs

Thanking the precious female relatives in your life couldn’t be easier with the help of some of the nation’s favourite designers. With a wide range of distinctive designs to choose from, Mclaggan Smith Mugs offer the perfect and practical gift that can be used time and again. You can add a name on the handle or a short message on the back to give it a really personal touch. Screen printed and decorated in the UK, these mugs are available from our website www.msmugs.com

Sharron's Review: These mugs are beyond perfect! They are an amazing present to give to any relative that deserves a 'thank you'.  I had a mug that said 'Worlds Best teacher' and then on the other side it said ' to Mrs... love from...'. The reaction from the teacher was great, she loved the present and I recommend these mugs to anyone who is looking for a special - personalised - present!

Click here to see the Mclaggan Smith Mugs on Ebay.


SnapBox Photo Canvas

Innovative digital photography service SnapBox have realised that there is a whole generation of people who are relying on smartphones to capture and save all of their memories. Yet in new research, over a third of Brits (36%) have lost valuable photos after relying on their smartphones to store them.  SnapBox say "Photos are all too often gathering virtual dust on phones and social media where no one can enjoy them. We’re hoping this research raises awareness that a smartphone is an unreliable way to store precious photos, people need to start making their memories count!"

'What's On 4' tried out the SnapBox service by logging on to www.snapboxuk.com; "I quickly uploaded a photo from my iPhone and instantly saw a SnapBox preview of my canvas. I then chose the size and clicked through to finish the order!  The canvas arrived within 48 hours and looks brilliant! The photo was taken at the end of our summer holiday and we now have a wonderful memory of this. Great service!"



This bracelet is beautifully presented. This is delicate yet so expertly made it is robust enough to wear all day. I have had mine on for a week without taking it off and it is still perfect, despite being a busy mum of 3 boys. Sterling silver and Swarovski crystals are a classy combination that goes with everything I wear, I love it! I have no intensions of ever taking it off. Thank you for making jewellery special again. Take a look at their website.


New Organic Make-Up, Inspired By Nature by Green People

Green People’s new collection additions provides the finest organic Shea and Cupuaçu butters, Beeswax and Jojoba oil to nourish and protect skin.  Natural rock minerals add subtle shades and tones that have been inspired by the hues of nature to provide the perfect palette for every complexion.  The beauty of minerals is they reflect light to give a soft and sophisticated glow.  The combined result is soft, radiant skin that is cared for naturally! 

You can choose from the Eco Eye Trio, with three shades that compliment each other in smokey grey, aqua or plum.  We were impressed with the sticking power of the eyeshadows, they didn't slide off like others can. They have also produced a rather lovely Pure Blush, which is equally as good. But best of all the Volumising Mascara was easy to apply and did not have the clumping or hard set effect that you often get, it's gentle enough to wear every day. For flawless beauty, check out the full range of Green People mineralmake-up products at www.greenpeople.co.uk or call 01403 740350. 


Choc Chick Kit £9.99 reviewed by Mandy from Hampshire

"At last a way to make really nice and "healthy" chocolates yourself.  The cute bag comes with everything apart from the moulds so I used ice cube trays which made chocs in an interesting shape but rather nicer that the normal contents of the tray.  Not to be added to your gin & tonic though!  You can also add other ingredients to make different types of chocolates but I didn't as I couldn't wait that long to make them.  The end results were lovely, a real grown up chocolate, although my little boy enjoyed licking the whisk.  This is a great present for any chocolate lover especially a friend that is hard to buy for." Visit www.chocchick.com for more details and use the code CHOCwhatson4 to receive a 10% discount until 30th April 2010.

Jackie Love Songs album & For The Best Mum In The World...Ever album

"These are both feel good compilation albums, and great gifts.  The Jackie Love Songs 3CD album is mainly 70s songs, all classics.  For The Best Mums in World 2CD album is more of a mix from 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s - I did prefer this one because the 70s is a tiny bit early for me (yes honestly!) and I'm not as keen as the other decades.  My hubbie who is the other side of 40 had a look at both of them and made lots of reminising noises about the tracks on Jackie Love Songs which I think says it all!  Jackie Love Songs also has cool retro sleeve notes with pics and info about all the 70s heartthrobs.  I will be putting both albums in my car and singing very loudly!"

Radox Bath and Shower products by Sam from Hampshire

"I haven't used Radox in the bath since I was a teenager so used trying them out as a great excuse to escape for a long soak!  The bubbles are great and stayed for the whole bath, I preferred the Time Out Bath Therapy to the Moisture Soak Bath Therapy as the latter was quite perfumed.  I've also tried the shower smoothie and the exfoilator.  I really liked the smoothie but the exfoilator was a little tame for me, I prefer more "grit" in an exfoilator but a good one to try for a beginner!"  Visit www.be-selfish.co.uk.

AmaZene Bath Soak reviewed by Emma from North Yorkshire

"Wow. This was lovely.  I had Cocoa and Copaiba bath soak, and a toddler that wanted to drink the water. It was a fantastic guilt free pleasure that helped me relax in indulgence. It would make a fantastic Christmas present for anyone. Fully organic and formulated to protect and nourish skin. I certainly felt nourished. Check out the web-site. A little pricey, but lovely for a treat.  For me that is after a week and work, when my little one is in bed." Visit www.amazene.co.uk .

FingerPrint Jewellery

"I had a bracelet created with Alice's fingerprint a couple of years ago so I jumped at the chance of having another piece of jewellery made for me!  I opted for a silver ingot with one fingerprint and I'm absolutely delighted with it!  The whole process was easy and fun, from receiving the kit from Lisa to the emails at every stage keeping me informed accurately of the progress.  Alice really enjoyed doing her fingerprints in the putty!  The ingot arrived today and is bigger than I thought but I love it.  It's quite heavy as is the chain which is great as you can tell it's a quality piece.  I know I will treasure this forever.  Thank you Lisa!"  Visit www.fingerprint-jewellery.co.uk for the full range.