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What's On 4 is run by a group of mums based throughout the UK.  As we take on our mission to keep babies, toddlers and kids from Kent to Scotland active we've been joined by fantastic supporters and like minded activity providers.  Here you'll find some inspiration, information and informal advice! Enjoy!

chinese new year

Celebrate The Chinese New Year with Kids

Unlike the traditional New Year we celebrate, the date of Chinese New Year differs from year to year.

Chinese New Year starts on Friday 16 February. Chinese New Year is a festival for families to come together and

wish each other peace and prosperity. This year is known as the year of the Dog and more specifically, 2018 is the year of the earth dog.

There's load of activities that you can do as a family, from making dragon masks to creating Chinese lanterns and even getting together to enjoy a healthy Chinese meal.

Read on to see the fabulous family activities to enjoy celebrating the Chinese New Year together.



kids cooking class


We talk to Cook Stars

Cook Stars provide fun, friendly weekly cooking classes for children age 2 upwards.  At Cook Stars they share a love of cooking through teaching children how to create their very own dishes from scratch.

Find out more about cooking classes and get the lowdown on how they work.


How to Help Your Child Learn to Read

Teach your child to read

By the eggs-perts at Reading Eggs, the multi-award winning online reading programme for ages 2–13. For a limited time only, parents can redeem an exclusive 4 week FREE trial by visiting www.readingeggs.co.uk/little. Hurry, offer ends 11th February 2018

A child’s reading development starts at home, and there’s a lot that parents can do to give their child the best start possible.

Here are some helpful tips on how to help your child learn to read at home.



Kids Messy Play

We get the lowdown from the team at Little Squigglers messy play who provide a fun way for your under 5 to grow in confidence

Each week at Little Squigglers children are immersed in activities based around a familiar theme and often linked with stories and rhymes. Parents/carers work alongside their child exploring lots of messy things like goo, gloop and gunge creating fantastic works of art and, most importantly, enjoying being creative together.

Find out more about this fab kids club here


kids sport classes

Making Sport Fun!

“A third of British children aged two to seven don’t get even the minimum amount of exercise they need every week” (British Heart Foundation)

What's the solution to this major issue? Start introducing you child to sport, in a fun way, early!

Microsport offers fun, multi-sports classes for children aged 2-8 years. We have been teaching ball skills for tennis, football, cricket, hockey, basketball, rugby, athletics and much more in the south east for over 26 years and are excited to launch in north west London from January 2018.


kids activites

Welcome to our world of WOW!

We host an exciting range of programmes to help guide you through your parenting journey. From antenatal through to 6 years, we are here for you. Our programmes range from the multi-award winning Baby Sensory, to our reading and science classes for toddlers.




lego blog

Children are mini-creative geniuses and what better way to fire up their imagination and stimulate role-play then with LEGO® DUPLO®

Perfectly sized for little hands the colourful, easy-to-build sets will help your toddler master basic construction skills by building and re-building to develop fine motor skills while bringing their ideas to life.



football for kids

3 Reasons to Get Youngsters Playing Football

Getting children involved in football has a wealth of benefits — and not just for the reasons you might think. From staying healthy to learning about different countries, football can teach skills both on and off the pitch.

Football is accessible for everybody, no matter their age, ability or gender. This is why the sport is vastly popular and a great choice for children. In particular, women’s football has developed immensely in recent years. The England national side’s recent appearance in the European Championship and general increase in media coverage of the women’s game should give a boost of encouragement for girls participating in the sport.


A Committed Team Help Mums Nationwide!

Jobs that mums really do want to do!

The commited team at mumandworking.co.uk bring together mums throughout the UK with family friendly flexble working opportunities.

This is by no means a new fad! Since 2009 a small team of commited mums have worked closely together to giive mums the choice to spend time with their family and enjoy a career.  That's not all mumandworking.co.uk provides expert advice and information on a range of work related subjects, from training to start that new career to building your own business.


baby art classes

Baby ARTventurers – the science behind it!

At Baby ARTventurers we encourage our babies and younger toddlers to explore, feel, create, squidge, squish, pour and get as messy as they want to! Messy, creative, sensory play in a safe and secure environment is a vital developmental aid for little people - children are active learners and learn through play. Creative, messy play is particularly valuable because it stimulates many of their senses at once - they can feel, smell, see, and sometimes even taste the consequences of their messy active play! At ARTventurers our dedicated Baby ARTventurers class is especially designed for the smallest artists aged 6 months plus and we even run My First ARTventure sessions – a gentle introduction to art and creative play for babies aged 3 months plus!




Have a family day out!

Days out can strengthen bonds and build shared family experiences and memories that we know are so important in keeping families strong and together. Just pick somewhere you wouldn’t normally go, or something you wouldn’t normally do, get out there and have fun together!

When preparing for your family day out you might want to keep these things in mind....


Sand - the benefits of playing with it and where to find the best sandpits in Oxfordshire

Top sandpits for kids

Sand is a fabulous thing - not only does it conjure up associations of being on an exotic sunny beach somewhere but it’s actually a really educational playground for little ones. It promotes physical strength and coordination, encourages social interaction, and with the addition of play accessories such as scoops and different sized buckets and pots, children can also be encouraged to develop maths skills e.g. assessing the different sizes, weights and numbers of their scoops and sand structures. You can even encourage some simple science experiments e.g. punch a hole in a bottle of sand and see what happens? Add water or gravel to the sand - how does it change? With so much to learn, it’s a great value play activity. And given that the weather is getting that bit warmer, here are our top Oxfordshire play areas with fab sandpits...


The Sue Atkins Parenting Show – with What’s On 4!

sue atkins

Sue Atkins with Annabel Karmel and Jo Tantum

If you have ever watched Sky News or This Morning with Holly

and Philip or listened to multiple radio stations including BBC’s Jeremy Vine, the name (and face!) of Sue Atkins - Parenting Expert will be very familiar to you!


Sue is a former Headteacher, published author, coach and known worldwide as a go-to expert in the crazy, roller-coasted ride that is ‘being a parent’!


Over the last 5+ years we have been delighted to welcome Sue to our events as Speaker, VIP panellist and Awards Host and we have always been inspired by her positive, engaging and thought-provoking approach to parenting along with her practical top tips!


All the team here at What’s On 4 are also mums and so we have loved listening to Sue’s Show which seems to cover every possible aspect of parenting with honest and supportive advice on all sorts of topics affecting our daily family lives.

Have a listen for yourself - check the Parenting Show out here


baby swimming

Thinking of baby swimming? You’re in safe hands with our Super Hero teachers!

Swimming with your baby is a very special time, where you can focus purely on each other and enjoy the closeness of playing in water. It’s the perfect exercise for little ones, since water allows their muscles to move freely while being supported by its buoyancy. What’s more, swimming develops learning skills, boosts confidence, improves co-ordination and enhances wellbeing. And all the time, your little one will be learning a potentially life-saving skill.

Here at Water Babies, one of our core philosophies is that we’ll teach you to teach your baby to swim. So together, we’ll teach your child to feel safe and confident both above and below the water. Read More →


mothers day activitiesFamily friendly Mother’s Day activities

Some inspiration for families wanting to celebrate Mothering Sunday, while making if fun for the little ones too...

Find family day out ideas throughout the UK, simply select 'days out' in your drop down box. Or why not see our mums reviews for the best days out in their opinion here.

And if you're Oxfordshire based our kid's activities expert in your region has selected her favourites for you here Read More →




Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday with Kids!pancake day with kids

Our Oxfordshire based kids activities expert tells us how to celebrate all things pancakes in Oxfordshire

Did you know that Wallingford hosts one of the oldest pancake races in the country? Tradition has it that you just need a frying pan and pancake to join in the family race around the Market Place. This year it’s in aid of The Health & Well Being Centre in Wallingford. You need to register from 9.30am, and kids get a head start at 10am, with adults joining in at 10.15. Check here for more info

And in the spirit of embracing the Shrove Tuesday pancake consumption tradition, here are five great family friendly choices in Oxfordshire that kids young and old will love!...

Read More →



Rugby For Little Ones?  Really?!

“Football is a gentleman's game played by hooligans, Rugby is a hooligans game played by gentlemen” childrens rugbyUnknown. 

Why is this?

The two sports are both physically active and similar in their strategy, in fact Rugby evolved from “the beautiful game”. In the current world the major differences can be found in their ethos and core values.

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) actively promotes its core values of Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship. These core values are treasured and pushed through at all levels from the England 1st XV to market leaders in children’s development specialists like RUGGERBUGS.

Read on to find out more about Rugby for your child

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Did you know, our kids needs at least 60 minutes a day of being actkite flying spotsive?

And let’s face it, that can be a challenge in this gloomy, cold season. Well, here’s a bit of inspiration...8 FREE ways to get your kids active in Oxfordshire and beyond...

 1.Enter a fun run!

Great to get the whole family involved, even if it’s to walk it together. There’s the Oxford 5K Fun Run at 11am, 6th May. 

Alternatively try the HYF Go Kids Run which is open to school kids years 1-6. To be held at 8.30am, 11th March, Henley. Just make sure you register via their school first.

2. Check out the brilliant 10 minute Shake Up games on the NHS Change4Life site

They’re age specific, Disney inspired, and cover dancing to racing. What’s not to like! Click here to get involved.

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So, you thought it was impossible to work from home and be mum? Think again!

Whatson4Kids Home Based Franchisee

Written by - What's On 4 Franchisee for Oxfordshire - Jet Winsbury

Having moved to Oxfordshire this year, and having a little 2 year old tot of my own, I was hungry for kid-friendly things to do and keen to understand what this fabulous looking county really has to offer. And I've not been disappointed with my findings. So much so that I’ve recently joined the What's On 4 team and taken on the role of Oxfordshire Children’s Activity Expert.

Working completely from home but supported by an experienced team I'm able to not only provide my daughter with the care and attention she needs but help other parents find activities for their children too. It's been exciting to uncover the vast array of local things available to our little ones - and with a birth rate of approx 7k per year across Oxfordshire - it's a good job!  Read More →

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