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Parenting and Advice Reviews

"Custard and Crayons" reviewed by Sam

"I thought this was going to be another book of children's craft and activities but I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a whole lot more.  There are craft activities but also recipes, ideas, information and loads of little tips and advice - and all presented by month.  It's also a beautiful looking book that will make any Mum feel like a yummy mummy with an aga kitchen - well almost!  Seriously, a great book packed full of ideas for those rainy days and "I'm bored" moments!"

"The Mumpreneur Guide" by Antonia Chitty £18 reviewed by Sam

"If you are thinking about setting up your own business this is an absolutely must-have.  I wish this book had been around 4 years ago when ideas for my business were forming in my head.  The style is straight forward and walks you through every stage and important part of setting up your own business.  Parts of it is like a work book so you can fill the section in and everything is then in one place.  I reviewed some early pages of this guide and my quote is on the back cover 'An invaluable guide for Mums who have the seed of an idea.  Practical advice in easy to read snippets with loads of real examples.  This will help Mums take their idea forward but with realistic expectations, a business mentor on your bedside table!' and the final book is even better!" 

Buy the book at www.themumpreneurguide.co.uk.

"Mums' Path - Riding the Recession" eBook £2.99 reviewed by Hannah

"I reviewed two books today called Riding the recession and Mum's easy guide to ebay by a lady called Tracey Gardiner who has 3 three children and has set up her own business from home, she explains how she juggles work and family life but in the same time enjoying both side of it.  The books were sent to me in the form of an ebook rater then actually having them as a book in your hand. This way was easier Ithought because you actually read all the book in one go rather then leaving it, you still have to pay for the books in this way but if it is something of interest to you then  I say go  ahead and purchase them. The books give advice to any mum who wants to make some extra money from either ebay, working from home or making things to sell. The books also give you a guide on how to work out your finances and make you see where you can commit more of your life and less of your life to everyday things."

And reviewed by Sam from Hampshire

"This book give you some simple tools and technique to MOT your life.  These give you that focus to make sense of what is going on for you and then the book gives you some good advice to make changes in the areas you want too.  It's written in a practical easy to follow way and because it's an ebook you can get started straightaway and jump around and search like you can't so easily with a paper version.  Also is great value!"

Visit www.mumspath.co.uk for this and other ebooks and free guides too.

"How to be an 'Amazing Mum' when you just don't have the time" by Tanith Carey  £5.99 reviewed by Sam

"This book is full of really practical advice in small chunks and would be a bit of a bible for any new mum.  I think it would help take the pressure off and take out that trial and error stage you go through before you get to grips with everything.  It's all about saving time with loads of tips and ideas, some obvious (but not if you are a new mum!) and some that even after 5 years of being a mum I hadn't thought of!  One to buy for your best friend if they have a new baby - they will thank you for it and it will come in handy for many years!"  To buy and more reviews visit www.amazon.co.uk