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10 Things Every Parent Should Know about Reception Year

(or a light-hearted look at some of the parental challenges of that first year at school!)

1. Learn to love the book bag.  It is the keeper of all knowledge and will transport vital information backwards and forwards to school.  Look forward to the daily emptying and refilling.reception year

2. The school will assume you know how things work.  Be vigil at all times, look for hidden clues in correspondence (and if in doubt please ask...)

3. If you don’t have a comprehensive family organiser yet, get one.  You will need to log inset days, school trips, school activities, carol concerts, parties and many, many other events.

4. Get ready for peer pressure.  If you haven’t experienced this yet you will this year. 

5. Become all-weather ready.  If you’ve not already got the all-weather kit - you will now need it!  Even if you drive to school you will find yourself standing outside experiencing the joys of the British weather.

6. School playground policitics.  Decide if you’re going to join a mummy group or stick close to a good friend you want to talk to twice a day for 10 minutes, 5 days a week.

7. Buy a bigger washing machine and a tumble dryer.  You remember the washing generated by a newborn?  Well this is much worse.  Plan on a clean uniform every day as most days it will come back covered in something. reception year

8. Join in or learn to hide.  You will be asked to help; school trips, school discos, school fetes, PTA, etc. etc,. It can be a lot of fun but if it’s not your thing be ready with the excuses.

9. Be 5 years old again.  You will be reminded of your own school days.  Get used to that “being told off” feeling, the intimidation of sitting outside a classroom on a tiny chair and the noise and chaos that is a class of 30 children. 

10. And finally…Enjoy all these experiences because it will go in a flash and your little one will soon be moving  up to year one!