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Opportunities at What's On 4

Thank you for your interest in What's On 4 and the opportunities we have.  If you're looking for a truely flexible role then you've come to the right place.  We pride ourselves in giving people the opportunity to work at home and around family commitments.

We are a small company and have a small team of people running our business.  Read more about us here and take a moment to explore our websites.

Currently recruiting for ... Sales People

We have vacancies for sales people at the moment.  We are looking for people nationally for our home-based telesales team.  All calls via Skype account are paid for!

Abiola's Story The Job The Skills
Abiola from Nottingham joined us 18 months ago and works on sales across all the What's On 4 Junior websites. 

Abiola_Sales Advisor





"I work at home for 15 to 20 hours a week, which fits well around the home-schooling of my 3 children!  I log on at different times of the day depending on our schedule to make calls and send emails too."

We currently have a number of work-from home sales positions around the UK

The role involves contacting prospective customers via phone and email (initial leads provided) and sell our advertisements while building and maintaining relationships, which encourage repeat businesss.

Flexible hours, min 12 hours a week based at home on a commission basis.

Your earnings are 40% of adverts sold. (An advert sold for £99 - you will receive £39.60. So five adverts a week is approx £200.) The more adverts you sell the more money you can earn.

Role fits around the school day/school holidays and are ideal part-time jobs, which once established can be operated on a full-time basis.

Working hours are flexible and offer our sales team the opportunity to provide an important local service for families

Calls paid for with Skype

Training given

On-line team community - weekly 'catch-up' Team Meetings on Skype!

Do you have? 
  • Sales experience (beneficial although not essential)
  • PC and broadband

Are you?

  • A strong comunicator?
  • Highly organised?
  • Self-motivated?

Is this you?

  • Have children at school or pre-school?
  • Have taken time out of employment when the children were small?
  • Looking for a way back into work without compromising family time?

If Abiola's story inspires you and you like the sound of The Job and you have The Skills then please forward us your CV today to info@whatson4.co.uk


Looking for more? Here's your chance To Be Part of What's On 4


Business Opportunity: we now want you to have the chance to grow our tried and tested business model and established international websites in your region.


This is a unique opportunity to grow a business beyond your wildest dreams.

If you have a good business background, enthusiasm and drive then that’s all you need to make this a success. Having a strong sales and/or marketing experience is an advantage.

Running our What’s On 4 Junior Business in your area is fun, flexible and profitable! You can work 100% from home just like we do. You probably have already met many 100's of potential advertisers and business mums who will WANT to advertise with you!


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