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Sportswear and Equipment Reviews


Konfidence Baby Warma reviewed by mum Rachel and 16 month old Ellie

Having recently started swimming lessons with my 16 month old daughter for the first time, making sure she was warm in and out of the pool was one of the main concerns for me. The Konfidence Babywarma is made of thick neoprene (just like adult wetsuit material for those not in the know!) and can be opened completely flat to allow ease of dressing for smaller babies and quick drying afterwards. Openings are all closed with velcro which enables you to loosen or tighten according to child size. The Babywarma kept Ellie warm throughout her swimming lesson and definitely prevented the usual tears once we left the pool for the cooler changing rooms. The fabric makes holding your child far less slippery than a conventional swimsuit. The Aquanappy (swim nappy) was again adjustable through poppers on both sides which allows you to fit it to your child like a conventional nappy rather than a swim nappy which they have to step into. This definitely served its purpose very well, especially when coupled with a Nappicova on top, there was no way that any of Ellie’s little accidents were making it into the pool! I for one am delighted that I no longer have to buy packets of swim nappies as both the nappy products are machine washable. Incidentally all three items have been machine washed with no issues. Can’t wait until Ellie’s lesson again on Friday!  Find out more here >>>

Konfidence Shortie Wetsuit and Rash Vests reviewed by Beth and Benn in July 2010

"Any trip to the Cornish Coast is incomplete without a trusty wetsuit, so  as our children made their way to the waves we were pleased that if nothing else they would be warm in their wetsuits, even if we had chosen to hit the beach in the rain! These fantastically engineered 'Shortie wetsuits' are made to the same spec as adult wetsuits, this is good to know, as surfing parents we have always made sure that we had good quality wetsuits and wouldn't want anything less for our kids. We surfed in rain and sun for a week, the wetsuits never failed to keep Beth and Benn warm, and the brightly coloured rash vest (UV T-Shirt) pulled over the top of a quite small Benn made sure that we wouldn't loose sight of him in the sea and that he was sun protected as he played on the beach."
Visit www.konfidence.co.uk for further info and online purchase.