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Swimming Tips 4 You & Your Little Ones

Swimming is not just fun, it's an important life skill.  Starting lessons as soon as possible is a fantastic way to ensure your child's safety and share this experience with your baby.

Puddle Ducks offer swimming classes for babies across the UK and founders Tracy Townend and Jo Stone share with us their swimming tips:


1. Take your baby swimming as early as possible regardless of whether they have been vaccinated (information from NHS Website).

2. Don't forget to 'double wrap' on swim nappies to ensure there are no leakages

3. Check the temperature of the pool - water should be at least 32 degrees for a small baby

4. Don't stay in too long - young babies get tired and colder quickly - they also get very thirsty after a swim

5. Don't take baby on the same days as their injections or if they are suffering from a chest, ear or eye infection

6. Take a waterproof changing mat which can be placed on the floor to change your baby on

7. Relax in the water with your baby. If you are tense, they will be tense.

8. Be careful when submerging babies - there are guidelines in place to ensure the safety of your little one.  Enrol in baby swimming lessons so you can promote safe swimming activities

9. Don't use armbands - it gives children a false sense of security and does not promote life saving skills.  Find baby swimming lessons that do not use these form of buoyancy aids

10. Have fun!


To find out more and seek further advice and information please visit www.puddleducks.com.