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Unique Idea Reviews

Cuddlemat the amazing colour change bathmat!

We all know how tough getting little ones out of the bathtub can be, why would they want to get out when they are having so much fun splashing around with their toys and bubbles?
Well now kids can have just as much fun getting out the bath as they did in!

The colour-changing bath mat from Cuddledry will never fail to keep kids entertained while you dry them off. Neon pink or yellow funky footprints appear like magic when hot little feet fresh from the bath land on this supersoft mat. When we tested this our two three year olds squeeled with delight at the shapes their feet made as they stepped on the matt, their 8 year old brother was as equally impressed but insisted for much more scientific reasons! Either way we think it's a brilliant invention.

The mat is made with 100% natural, absorbent cotton, is machine washable and is available in deep lilac or aqua

£14.99 from www.cuddledry.com


FlexiBath - The 'Must-have' nursery product for 2010

The FlexiBath is the first ever foldable baby bath tub, it resolves storage concerns by folding flat and can fit just about anywhere; against the wall, in a cabinet, under the bed.

The FlexiBath is made of hard plastic with soft folding lines made of rubber, which makes it both stable and flexible, for additional safety and comfort, the bottom of the bath has a non-slip surface.

Although at first sight the bath looks smaller than traditional baby baths, this is an optical illusion, once filled with water it expands easily accommodating two babies aged 0-4 years. It's an ideal choice for the average bathroom, soling the problem of where to put the baby bath. A new age must have.
Get yours from www.flexibath.co.uk for £29.95



The Ultimate Holiday Kit by Swimbabes reviewed by Susan, Martin and Ethan (5)

We loved the Ultimate Holiday Kit from Swimbabes. It's available for boys or girls and comes with a Zoggs swimming costume or pair of trunks, a Banz sunhat and matching Banz sunglasses, Zoggs swimming goggles and Shore Feet beach shoes for babies or Crocs Kids Cayman for shoe sizes 4 and up. You also get a stunning beach towel by an award winning designer. It's colourful bright and fun and a fabulous treat whatever the time of year! An ideal Birthday treat for  the little swimmer in your life. Worth £50.00, see www.swimbabes.co.uk for more information.

The new Doro 410s GSMMobile Phone reviewed by Benn, Oli and James (10,9,12)

Although the idea of giving a mobile to your youngster is not without it's worries, the Doro 410s Mobile  is designed to give parents peace of mind as their young adults get ready to become more independent. Perhaps taking some of the worry out of walking to school for the first time by themselves or going out to play with friends.

This is a basic mobile, with no facebook browsing, aps or itunes, the phone is there to be used when needed, which is a relief when our children can be stuck with their handsets unable to remove them fro their grasp.

The strap attachment can be worn around the neck or strung through a belt loop, so there's no fear of losing the phone whilst our intreped explorers get out and about. But the best function is that the phone has a panic button -
the button being really important in this age group; the phone would dial 5 pre-programmed numbers in the event of pressing in an emergency.

Benn says 'I love that I can loop the strap around my belt loop on my trousers, it means that I can play out and not worry that I will lose it and get told off!'

Oli says 'The phone is cool, it looks really funky and I know I'm safe with the special button.'

James says 'My phone has a rubbery kind of feel to it, I've dropped it twice now, once out of a tree and it's not broken yet!'

As you can see the phones are a real hit with our youngsters, if you would like to find out more please visit www.matobshop.co.uk